Broadcast Pro App

Do you feel safe when you move out of the home? Are you looking for a solution that can prepare you for any emergency? Clay has a solution for you.

Clay has introduced Broadcast Pro app that focuses on building a safer community in India and abroad. It provides time-sensitive information about your current country to prepare you from any critical situation. It not only connects you with your loved ones, but also advises you to overcome emergency. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How Broadcast Pro App is Beneficial?

  • Worldwide Intelligence System
  • Location Information & Risk Ratings
  • Broadcast Anytime & Anyone
  • SOS Management
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Geo Fence Management
  • Report/View Unsafe Places
  • Report Incident through Pictures & Videos
  • Search Near-by Places

Whether you are planning to travel within city or outside India, this app helps you track, monitor and protect you from emergencies anytime anywhere. This app has a user-friendly interface with an aim to be a one-stop solution for students, professionals & travellers to utilize the app features in an emergency with ease.

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Key Features of Broadcast Pro App:

Worldwide Intelligence System

Broadcast Pro App is a secure and robust safety alert app, which uses worldwide intelligence system on a real-time basis to provide informational, warning and critical alerts related to security, transportation, weather, health etc. This feature is unique as it provides only the most important and critical information of the location to ensure your safety round-the- clock.

Location Information & Risk Ratings

Gathering all relevant information about travelling destination is a hectic task and therefore, Broadcast Pro App ensures to provide you with quick information about the travelling location. The app provides information about number of incidents in last 30 days, security, weather, risk ratings, transportation, health etc. of the location.

Broadcast Anytime & Anyone

The app allows you to broadcast a message with its group members for easy coordination anytime and anywhere. The app provides an uninterrupted communication platform for group manager and member to extend degree of safety and care for each other. So, whether there is a last minute change in the plan or an important official announcement, Broadcast Pro app will be an ultimate time-saver.

Geo Fence Management

The app also gives an added advantage to group managers in which they can geo-fence the group members to offer additional security. When a group member goes out of geo-fence area, the manager gets a notification and he/she can contact team-member to know about the whereabouts.

SOS Management

Have you faced any challenge in contacting local authorities for help? Broadcast Pro app can be of help. In case of any emergency, you can raise SOS and contact Police, Ambulance & Fire authorities at just one click. Interestingly, SOS detects the geo-location and contacts the local authorities of the country for immediate assistance. In addition, the same SOS alert is notified to the app administrator (Channel Manager) who can help authorities reach to your exact location in no time. The user can also directly contact the administrator for help.

Real- Time Monitoring

Monitoring your loved ones gives a sense of security. While considering the need to be connected with your loved ones, the app offers a monitoring feature which allows you to view the location of the user on a real-time basis.

Report/View Unsafe Places

Be a part of crowd-source intelligence by marking the place as unsafe on the map. Once a user marks the place as unsafe, the same alert goes to Broadcast Pro team to verify the incident and then make it live for others to view it. Similarly, if you are moving towards an unsafe area, you will receive a push notification so that you can either change the route or be cautious while crossing the area.

Report Incident through Pictures & Videos

The user can also record a video or capture an image of the incident and send it to their manager for immediate help. These features have been added with a view that the user can have sense of protection round – the – clock.

Search Nearby Places

With Broadcast Pro app, you can easily find nearby places. Just turn on the GPS and find the whole list of nearby places such as Restaurants, Theater, Attractions, ATMs, Parking, Taxi Stand, Bus Stand, Hospital, Police and many more. The user needs to select the place and turn on the route map to follow the route to reach the destination.

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