Insurance Terms & Conditions

Conditions & Warranties

1) Warranted that insured is a citizen of India and has a permanent place of residence in India and is not a NRI or OCI or foreign national and was within the territory of India at the time of issuance of the certificate and before the commencement of the trip.

2) Warranted that Purpose of visit will be for leisure or personal business purpose only.

3) Any expenses related to preexisting illness/ disability/diseases and its related complications/ consequences are not payable under any circumstances under this certificate.

4) Warranted that declaration of any Pre-existing Condition, using words / terms which mean any disease/illness which are same or similar to – Cancer / Leukemia / Malignant Tumor, Cardiac ailments, COPD, HIV /AIDS, Insulin Dependent Diabetes, Kidney Ailment, Liver Disease, Neurological Disorder / Stroke /Paralysis, Thalassemia will render this certificate null and Void-ab-initio and the Company shall have no liability under the certificate.

5) Per accident – Per Group limit -USD. 50,000 and Any one year USD 50,000.

6) Repatriation of Mortal remains USD 7,000.

7) Warranted that maximum amount payable per checked-in baggage in case more than one bag has been checked in, is 50% (100% for only one checked-in baggage) of applicable Sum Insured and per item in baggage max 10%.

8) Any claim arising out of sporting activities in so far as they involve the training or participation in competitions of professional or semiprofessional sports persons is excluded.

9) Personal liability – per incidence limited to USD 25,000.

10) In case of Financial emergency occurring in Asian countries the maximum Sum Insured applicable would be USD 300.

11) For details on coverage, exclusion, terms and conditions the certificate should be read with master policy issued to << >> vide policy no.____________

12) For all corporate proposals before finalization of master policy proposal form is mandatory.

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