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Travelling abroad? Clay Telecom provides an alternative to international roaming SIM by offering international SIM cards at cost-effective rates. With Clay, don’t worry about your roaming calls and data expenses as we will keep you connected anywhere and everywhere at the cost you can afford. We have country-specific roaming SIM for USA, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and other most-travelled destinations around the world.

Travelling without international data roaming is not possible, whether for browsing, downloading or social media. Every vertical of life now requires data.

We are an active global roaming service provider of wireless telecom solutions in India. We offer prepaid SIM and postpaid SIM with data solutions in form of data bundle (voice +data) and individual roaming data plans to our customers at a very reasonable price. Data bundle plan is a very cost-efficient solution for both data and voice users. We also take care about budget of our customers by offering them customized voice and data plans with special features including free call back to India, free incoming and free international minutes etc.

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Why buy International SIM card from Clay?

  • Do International, Local Calls & SMS at Incredible Reduced rates
  • Coverage Over 200 Countries
  • Custom-made Plans to meet Travelers’ Needs & Budget
  • No Hidden & Extra Charges
  • Availability of Expert Team for 24*7*365
  • Product Delivery at Your Doorstep
Whether you are carrying a Smartphone, BlackBerry or iPhone, our services work seamlessly in any device. We do make sure that there is no difficulty in connectivity. It is recommended to follow the dialling instructions shared at the time of delivering the SIM card. In case of any inconvenience while dialling a number, do visit our homepage to get the dialling instructions (Prepaid or Postpaid).

We are the best Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the market in India with quick turnaround time and services.

Business Solutions

We, at Clay Telecom, provide International SIM cards and International Data Roaming plans for Business travelers by offering our services at an affordable price. We want you to have uninterrupted communication with your business partners, family and friends during your international trip.

We have the best Telecom Expense Management services for business executives travelling abroad. Since inception, we have been providing best roaming mobile services to our customers using tailored solutions to reduce their international roaming calls and data cost.

Clay is the leading global telecommunication company, which improves your communication by connecting you with international telecom networks across the world. We offer wide range of benefits on international roaming SIM (Prepaid or Postpaid) and International Data SIM. The plans are precisely designed to meet the requirements of business experts, MICE travellers, exporters and small and medium sized enterprises. With Clay International roaming SIM, we provide special benefit such as CUG for group travellers.

Traveller Solutions

Travelling abroad for leisure is anyhow very exciting and entertaining. We want you to explore the fun more, whether it is your shopping, fashion or luxury by reducing your voice and data expenses. Clay Telecom helps you keep in touch with your family & friends while travelling.

We offer International Prepaid Roaming SIM services which are specifically customized for leisure travellers. We also provide country specific prepaid SIM Card and Global SIM Card with customized plans to meet your travel requirements.

You do not need to pay hefty roaming bills for using International SIM card of us as we offer our services at cost-effective prices. We want you to avail the services of Clay Telecom and reduce International roaming call charges instantly.

Student Solutions

Travelling abroad for higher studies has become indispensable for students.

Whether you are planning to pursue Diploma Undergraduate or Postgraduate, staying away from family and friends becomes very difficult to handle.

Clay Telecom wants you to live smart and connected with everyone in India at the price you can easily afford. We offer International calls (Prepaid SIM and Postpaid SIM) and International Data Roaming services at most cost effective price as we understand your budget.

We provide customer support for assisting all the call issues while connectivity.

With so many benefits, you must also take global SIM card or country specific SIM card from Clay Telecom to reduce your voice and global data roaming cost. We are offering you the best quality at just one place.

Benefits of International SIM cards

  • Reduced International Calling Cost
  • Unlimited Roaming Data
  • Free Incoming Roaming Calls in Various Countries
  • Free International Roaming Minutes to India
  • Reduced International SMS Charges

We want our customers to have hassle – free travel experience and thus provide 24*7*365 customer support Service.

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